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Donna Seebo Show

Donna’s interview with Tom Hogan centered around his newest book, The Empty Confessional.

Donna describes The Empty Confessional as an “eye-opener” because the candid nature of the the book’s subject matter. 

Listen to the full inteivew here.

TRUE CRIME iRL, Kelli Brink, host

Kelli chats with Tom Hogan, author of The Empty Confessional. Together, they discuss several of the crimes & conspiracies of the Catholic Church. Tune in next week as Kelli tackles more of the church’s most controversial events.

Watch here.

The Tom Sumner Program

Tom Sumner interviews author Tom Hogan about his newest book, The Empty Confessional.

Listen here.

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show

Tom Hogan is the author of three novels: The Empty Confessional, a crime novel about pedophilia and the Catholic Church; The Devil’s Breath, a thriller based in Auschwitz (Amazon Best-Seller 2021), and Left for Alive, a crime novel (2019). He is also the co-author of The Ultimate Startup Guide (2017). His screenplays have won awards (the PAGE competition, and the Austin and Napa Valley Film Festivals). He has also written on politics and history for Newsweek, The Jerusalem Post, and The Bulwark. Prior to joining Silicon Valley, where his agency, Crowded Ocean, launched over 50 startups, he was a Lecturer of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Santa Clara University and UC Santa Cruz.

Listen here.

Lunch with Lincoln January 26, 2022

On this special Wednesday episode of Lunch With Lincoln host Reed Galen will be joined by former lecturer in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Santa Clara University and UC Santa Cruz, Tom Hogan. Lunch With Lincoln is a weekly lunchtime conversation with Lincoln Project and a rotating series of LP friends and allies! Now twice a week, every Monday and Friday at 12 PM ET Lunch with Lincoln will debrief the week’s news and discuss LP’s mission ahead. Don’t forget to share and follow Ryan Goodman and The Lincoln Project on social media.

Listen watch here.

Lean to the Left Podcast

Host Bob Gatty and author/attorney Mark M. Bello once again explore issues involving child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. While that’s been in the headlines for decades, author Tom Hogan’s “The Empty Confessional” explores the issue in a unique way—the author goes inside the head of a young priest who has decided to become an avenger.

From archaeological digs in Israel, to life in both Protestant and Catholic seminaries, to launching tech startups in Silicon Valley, Tom Hogan has led a fascinating life.
He’s worked with a team at the Harvard Semitic Museum to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls, developed one of the first programs for introducing the Holocaust into high school and university curricula, and has lectured, extensively in Holocaust studies.

Listen here.


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Two brothers and their ex-con cohorts are investigated at every turn by press and police. Their violent mysteries start to unravel, until a final revelation gives one brother a new life while ending the life of the other.