NOTE:  I was recently approached by The MAGA Institute to be their Historian-in Residence. I happily and readily agreed, eager to be a part of their ongoing campaign to update such antiquated concepts as truth, facts, accuracy and history.  

As a lecturer in Genocide Studies, I was flattered to be approached recently by The MAGA Institute to help refresh their curriculum in my areas of expertise, starting with the Holocaust. The Institute, impressed by the recent curricular efforts of Florida and Texas, wants to create a universal curriculum, one that examines events such as the Holocaust with fresh eyes, to find the ”other side” of these events that so often eludes today’s historians.

(NOTE: Before I begin, let me say a word on Holocaust deniers: I reject their findings, though I share their advocacy for adopting a more flexible definition of the term ”happen.”)

Historians are fond of saying: “If the Jews didn’t already exist, Hitler would have invented them.” But the historical fact is that Jews did exist. In fact they did more than simply exist; they stubbornly existed. When the vast majority of the civilized world recognized Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, Jews clung to their antiquated beliefs and traditions. And as the world moved beyond feudalism and into the beginnings of a global economy, Jews chose to isolate themselves within three core industries: law, finance and entertainment. Many early MAGA philosophers have cited multiple instances where minorities—especially those of the Asian persuasion—have made lemonade from lemons, an opportunity that Jews in 1935 Germany deliberately chose to eschew, with unfortunate consequences.

But I take issue with my MAGA predecessors, who hold that the Jews caused the Holocaust. That’s historically inaccurate: the Nazis did. That said, having interviewed literally scores of Germans, I can say with confidence that most historians have used a broad brush in blaming an entire people for the missteps of a few. Virtually every German I’ve met tells me about the members of their family who historians regard as ‘willing Nazis’ when in fact they were active though unrecorded members of The Resistance. Historians will tell you that when you hear the same account from so many different people from so many different walks of life, you have no choice but to believe them.

I realize the depth and importance of the challenge, with Deep State historians such as Beschloss and Meacham lining up to challenge, perhaps even ridicule, my positions. But Truth is a lonely companion, whether riding shotgun or in the back seat. I invite you to join me on this academic quest. Look for upcoming articles on such controversial topics as ‘slavery’; the American treatment of Indians (not the ones with dots in their forehead; the ones who wear feathers and war paint); and the War Between the States.

Truth:  gird your loins for battle. I’m coming for you.

Tom Hogan, MAGA Historian-in-Residence