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Left for Alive Hardcover

Left for Alive

Set in the mountains of California in 1976, Left for Alive is the story of two brothers—strikingly alike physically but different in every other way—and an odd group of likable ex-cons and political radicals that live with them in an abandoned lumber camp. Bound by a series of mysteries and a violent past, the group is under constant investigation from both the police and press. Mysteries are revealed, one by one, until a final revelation radically changes the lives of both brothers.

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The Devils Breath

The Devil’s Breath

A Jewish detective and his investigative reporter wife are forced by the Kommandant to solve the murder of his accountant and recover millions in Jewish gold. The investigation takes the reader deep into the workings of the camp—the harvesting operation, the killing process and the perils of daily life, culminating in an unforgettable finale.

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Pittsburgh 2000: A young priest finds release for his religious and sexual frustrations through violent retribution—first of the abusers and rapists he discovers through the confessional, then the pedophilic priests within his own ranks. Investigating these assaults is a female detective with her own issues with the law, leading to a complicated relationship that is not resolved until the final page.

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Tumor Humor Cover


Subtitled ‘An Asshole Looks at Cancer’, Curing Cancer with Cynicism is the gripping non-fictional account of a whining, pathetic asshole (Tom Hogan) and his battle with Stage 4 cancer. Given two years to live, Tom seeks to extract as much sympathy – and as many gifts – as possible from his group of friends. Along the way he discovers a surprising truth; they’re even bigger assholes than he is. Together, Tom and his friends battle cancer until the disease just gives up under the weight of so much self-pity and constant complaint. A must-read for any asshole.

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The Ultimate Start-Up Guide Hardcover

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide

Most start-ups fail.

And they die remarkably young: The typical start-up lasts 20 months and burns through $1.3 million in financing before closing its doors.

So what’s the formula for success for those start-ups that make it through the early trials, leveraging their early success into either getting acquired or issuing an IPO (initial public offering)?

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