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The Forever Game

A research scientist cracks ‘the longevity code’, enabling humans to live to 150 and beyond. When her company rejects her solution, she reluctantly starts her own company, entering the cutthroat world of Silicon Valley while fighting off the sabotage efforts of her former employer as well as her own self-doubt.

Set in the startup and VC world of Silicon Valey, The Forever Game is a suspense thriller that takes the reader inside a number of worlds and issues, including:

Building a start up from scratch and bringing a ground-breaking product to market;

The unique challenges and problems facing women, both as founders and VCs, in today’ technology arena;

The fascination with longevity (with its environmental, economic and social challenges) and its odd cousin, biohacking, especially within the VC community.

The Devils Breath


The Empty Confessional uses the thriller format to take the reader behind the scenes of a horrific event, educating them on the workings of the Church while they follow twists and turns. A frighteningly realistic, compelling tale of retribution.

Premier Guide Miami

Hogan writes with the acumen of someone who has been on the inside of an institution capable of turning a blind eye to heinous acts.

The Table Read

Tom Hogan

From archaeological digs in Israel to life in both Protestant and Catholic seminaries to launching tech startups in Silicon Valley, Tom Hogan has led a fascinating life. And he brings that richness of experience to his writing, both fiction and non-fiction.


The Devils Breath

The Devil’s Breath

Left for Alive Hardcover

Left for Alive

Tumor Humor

Tumor Humor

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide Hardcover

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide

Latest Reviews

A smart, character-driven thriller

This story drew me in with its fascinating cast of characters and plot revelations, and kept me turning the pages until the last, unexpected twist. If you like your thrillers gritty but grounded in reality, you’ll love this…


Anne J, The Devil's Breath

I thoroughly enjoyed this book

This book selection came from a recommendation from a friend and I was not disappointed…I was soon caught up in both the plot and the characters. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was made into a movie.

Janice H, Left for Alive

An exploration of human interactions

…The author has an acute sense of how people really talk to each other. The dialogue-driven narrative moves inexorably to a surprise “twist” conclusion. Highly recommended.

Richard S, The Devil's Breath

Left For Alive

Two brothers and their ex-con cohorts are investigated at every turn by press and police. Their violent mysteries start to unravel, until a final revelation gives one brother a new life while ending the life of the other.